IPMS Serbia National Charter-1


IPMS Serbia was officially established on June the 9th 2011, when the Formal Undertaking was sent to IPMS UK. The whole story started a year before, when modelers from different parts of Serbia gathered around a common idea of IPMS – “By modelers, for modelers.” Many of us are past or present members of existing modeling clubs and associations. Every one of us contributed to our hobby in their own way, but with the common goal of bringing the hobby to a new level, now united with standards of IPMS.



3rd IPMS Serbia Executive Committee

(elected on 14. february 2016)


President – Branislav Božinović (MKN)



Vice President – Predrag Stamenković (MKNS)



Secretary – Goran Antić (BMK)





Membership Secretary – Slobodan Beleslijin (MKNS)

Publicity Officer – Nebojša Subotić (BMK)



Regional Coordinator for IPMS Beograd – Srđan Radosavljavić (BMK)

Regional Coordinator for IPMS Novi Sad – Slobodan Beleslijin (MKNS)

Regional Coordinator for IPMS Niš –  Ivan Momčilović (MKN)